The UniOne Experience

A state of being in which the perception of time and space is experienced as oneness rather than duality. We are aware of everyone’s uniqueness while simultaneously knowing we are all one.

To bring together people in shared experiences–in-person and virtually–that activate the unique potential within every individual and generate deeper connections with each other.

To imagine a society that encourages and advances the active potential of each of its members, it is necessary that all of us take responsibility throughout our lives to express our individuality with ease and confidence, to understand and welcome others, and to contribute to the common good.

Changes in our societies are only possible if we can engage in holistic and systemic development processes and learn ways to co-create. UniOne offers opportunities for co-creation, which leads to healing our relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment.  In this way, we can become weavers of a sustainable world in which each decision or action taken serves the individual, the community, and humanity.