UniOne. Be Unique. Together.

UniOne is a group wellness practice that involves a mix of intentional breathing, silence, and sharing. The group receives and builds upon whatever thoughts and emotions each person shares, helping you feel more connected to the self, to each other, and to the world.

         Our Vision & Values

The vision of UniOne is to enhance the global quality of life through UniOne experiences by promoting the development of individuals, elevating the individual consciousness, and advancing respect for human dignity and diversity.

UniOne promotes the following values:

  • autonomy, or fostering the right to control the direction of one’s life.
  • beneficence, or working for the good of the individual and society by promoting health and well-being.
  • justice, or treating individuals equitably and fostering fairness and equality.
  • honoring commitments and keeping promises, including fulfilling one’s responsibilities of trust in relationships; and
  • veracity, or dealing truthfully with individuals.

Be Present

A way to explore a human being, is through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives. In discovering a person’s unique way of processing and expressing, the four perspectives are fundamental.

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