Creating Positive Awareness

Our Mission

You are Unique
We are here to empower you to shine your Uniqueness in the world.
We are united
UniOne supports you and your project and you support UniOne projects.

UniOne is a grassroots community movement with a positive social impact. We bring together evolutionary people and organizations. We create a space for positive and contagious support and sharing. We organize meetings around your projects and your uniqueness in order to grow a united, active and solidary humanity.

John Lennon

“If you dream alone, this is just a dream. If people dream together this is the beginning of a new reality.”

Our Values

We believe in the power of being, unique and together. We help everyone to shine and serve humanity with their unique gifts. Each of us is radically Unique and is needed in the concert of a peaceful humanity. We plunge deeply into our creative and silent inner source to build a generous and compassionate culture and community.  

We Believe In Everyone..

We believe all of us are fundamentally good, tolerant and with positive will.

We build trust.
We connect deeply with others.
We listen with the heart.
We support you in your unfoldment.
We support you to sunmoon.
Sometimes you shine the light of the sun you are.
Sometimes as the moon you reflect the light of the sun of your neighbour.

Be Unique, Together!